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This site provides resources for conducting population genetic analyses in R using existing packages. It also provides resources for future package developers to utilize existing classes and methods in creating new packages for population genetic analysis.

All of the resources here represent contributions from the broader community of R users and developers working in the field of population genetics. New contributions are encouraged.

This site was developed during the Population Genetics R hackathon held at NESCent on March 16-20, 2015.


An overview of and a detailed rationale for the building blocks of this resource and how they click together are described in our publication for the Molecular Ecology Resources special issue, Population Genomics with R:

Kamvar, Z. N., López-Uribe, M. M., Coughlan, S., Grünwald, N. J., Lapp, H., & Manel, S. (2016). Developing educational resources for population genetics in R: An open and collaborative approach. Molecular Ecology Resources.